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Ronaldo's recommendations:

Ed Motta is undoubtely my number one, top-of-all, all-time favorite Brazilian musician. He writes all his songs (he's a great, out-of-the-beaten-path lyricist), sings, plays the piano and the guitar. He also does all the arragements of his song impeccably. I don't have a favorite song (all are equally great!), but I would say his most popular song is "Manuel" and my two favorite albums are "Manual Prático para Bailes, Festas e afins" (in English "Practical manual to balls, parties and the like") and "As segundas intenção do manual prática" (in English: "The second intentions of the practical manual"). He sings soul music and, in the only concert of his I could go to, he said he had a lot of influence from my favorite American soul group: Earth, Wind and Fire.

My second favorite Brazilian artist is Djavan. His lyrics are completely not cliché and the songs attractive to both musicians and laypeople. He sings MPB (Música Popular Brasileira - Brazilian Popular Music), with rythms such as samba and bossa nova, bu he also has some romantic songs and lots of soul/pop songs (good pop!). I don't have a favorite song either but I would say one his most popular songs is "Oceano" (Ocean), whose lyrics alone are a poetry.

Since this wiki page is about Brazilian music recommendations, I just HAVE to include Tom Jobim, our biggest name when talking about MPB and Bossa Nova. Tom Jobim already died, but his songs certainly surpass his living days, for his music will always remain popular. He has performed with many international artists, such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald (I have a great album called "Ella abraça Jobim" - "Ella hugs Jobim") and Stan Getz, to mention a few. His most popular song is without a doubt "Garota de Ipanema".



Here is a little taste of what I'm talking about: The first song is Ed Motta singing Columbina (my wife's favorite song of his); the second one is another group (Laranja Mecânica) singing Ed Motta's "Manuel"; the third one is Tom Jobim singing "Desafinado"; and the last one is Tom Jobim performing "Garota de Ipanema" in English.

I hope you enjoy it!




Carla's recommendations:


Ronaldo chose the ones among my favorite! It's hard to make a selection of Brazilian music. There's such a wide variety of rythms and sounds...I picked the ones that I've been listening to or just who really touch me. Lately, I've been exploring a lot samba, but old samba songs being sung by amazing women with powerful voices.





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Ana Carolina & Seu Jorge


Note: I love Seu Jorge. I think his voice is really powerful. He touches my soul. My favorite performance is when he sings "zé do caroço"



Seu Jorge - São Gonçalo



Seu Jorge - Zé do Caroço (it talks about a guy in the favelas, his life and willingness to change through loudspeakers, a radio show in his favela. It talks about the Brazilian socio-economic situation.)



Teresa Cristina & Seu Jorge



Teresa Cristina & Marisa Monte





Hamilton de Holanda


Plays "chorinho", a typical Brazilian rythm. He's extraordinary and is from my hometown, Brasilia! A huge talent!



Nicolas Krassik


A French violinist who fell in love with "chorinho" in Rio at Lapa (a bohemian place of town) and started playing chorinho, which is played with a specific kind of instrument called bandolim, with his violin. I had the pleasure to watch him in Brasilia just before coming to the US with all my friends. Impressive! I made my husband stay in line to buy me his CD and get an autograph!







Coming from Brasilia, I had to mention one of my favorite Rock bands ever, Legião Urbana.



I also enjoy Barão Vermelho, Titãs, Capital Inicial, Jota Quest, Skank, Engenheiros...


Titãs & Marisa Monte



Tribalistas - Carlinhos Brown, Arnaldo Antunes and Marisa Monte


Velha Infância










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