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Online Bookmarking for Learners

The Deli.ci.ous Power


by Carla Arena





Online bookmarking has great potential in managing our favorite resources online. However, the online bookmarking platform del.icio.us has even a more significant way to empower learners to organize their online content, share with others and learn from other people's bookmarked links.


This Electronic Village Workshop aims at helping participants to understand the networking power of the online bookmarking platform, Delicious. The presenter will give examples of how instructors and learners can share their online resources in an interconnected way that will aggregate everybody's content through the use of tags (categories). During the Workshop, participants will learn how to create their own delicious account and how to use its most powerful features to make online bookmarking an integral part of the teaching/learning process.








Understanding Online Bookmarking


Social Bookmarking in Plain English

by CommonCraft


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A Tutorial to Get Started


The Del.icio.us Toolbox: Applications and Tutorials


Claudia Ceraso's "Bookmarks are Tagtastic"



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