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Taking Advantage of Web 2.0 tools



The voice of nature



If I had a million dollars

Russia - Brazil


Photo Sharing - Bubbleshare - Slide - Picasa - Flickr

Modal verbs


Mother's Day

When the UFO landed...


Voice Thread

Discussion about Sweets

Discussion about Stereotypes


Podcast - students voice online

Samba EFL

April Fool's Day




Download Skype


Some Tips on Using Skype



to use Skype: the settings for Skype and other applications may interfere with

each other.


This will usually result in better sound quality and less background noise.


computer) are set for the audio-in and audio-out that you will use (ideally

a headset).


you will be talking.


you are talking; if you don't, you may end up speaking at the same time.


cannot hear the other(s), remember that you can also use text chat in Skype.



Second Life

Learn about Second Life and Education

Download Second Life




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