Voicethread Projects


Voicethread is certainly one of the best educational digital tools available for the classroom. Throughout the years, we've used Voicethread in the classroom to carry out many exciting collaborative with our students and partners around the globe. 


Here are some examples.




A collaborative project between Brazil and the US. American students asked our Brazilian teens about our country.  


A presentation about the collaborative power of a wiki for a group of educators.   Talking about a special place in the world.  
A discussion about stereotypes.  People around the globe share their inspiring love stories.  

Vance Stevens interacts with the Listening Plus online students to let them know a bit more about Abu Dhabi.


Student-Educators talk about their stories.   Brazilian students chose Portuguese words they wanted foreigners to learn. Many people around the globe recorded the words, trying to learn how to pronounce them.   A sample of basic structures for a beginners' group. The teacher modeled the language and the students talked about themselves.